Johnny Duren

Johnny Duren

Member from 2001 – 2009

Johnny was born on Thanksgiving day but has never celebrated a birthday on Thanksgiving day. The reason is that Congress moved thanksgiving ahead one week that year because of the impending threat of WWII. (Pearl Harbor was bombed 17 days later.)

Prior to Gospel music, Johnny sang Country, Rock, Soul, Folk and whatever was popular at that time. He sang for about 15 years with Jerry House who wrote several Hit Country songs that Mel Tillis recorded.  Jerry and Johnny were one of six finalists in a nationwide talent contest conducted by the Grand Ole Opry and the Pet Milk Company.

Johnny sang with The Songs of Faith and The Capstone Quartet before joining Chosen Witness. He has been singing for about 52 years and enjoys it now as much as he ever did.

Johnny and his wife, Carol, live in Caledonia, Mississippi.  He sings baritone and has written several songs recorded by the group.  Johnny is a gifted singer, musician, and songwriter.  He says “all I’ve ever wanted to do is sing.”  His desire is to encourage and uplift the body of Christ through song.

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