Chris Champion

Chris Champion

Neal’s brother, Chris (He loves it when people refer to him this way), has filled in a few times for different group members of Chosen Witness.  He grew up playing drums for The Columbians and playing drums/singing with the Bama Boys.

Chris also recorded the first (and last) project as a member of The Daywind Quartet (they only made one personal appearance, singing one song!) and has served as a fill-in with The Melody Boys Quartet, The Bishops, and The Crossmen. 

More than almost anything else, Chris loves to sing baritone.  Chris says “I have thoroughly enjoyed filling in with Chosen Witness and was honored to be asked to sing on their project ‘From The Word’.”  He sung “There’s A Reason” which was written by Neal and Chris’ dad, the late Joe C. Champion, Jr. 

Chris is married to the former Molly McGuire of Fayette, AL, and they have four children:  Amber, Sam, Megan, and Eli.  He’s not sure yet if he should count the seven gerbills that Sam got for Christmas as official family members.

Tell us your . . .
Birthday and Birthplace
November 30 in Columbus, MS 
Favorite Singer(s)
Jake Hess
Favorite Group(s)
The Statesmen (Chief, Doy, Jake, Denver and Hovie)
Favorite Musician(s)
Ricky Skaggs
Favorite Song To Sing
“Sheltered In The Arms of God”
Favorite Scripture
Romans 5:3-5
Favorite Book of the Bible
Proverbs (Makes for a great daily devotional)
Favorite Person In The Bible
Favorite Restaurant
Top O The River
Favorite Food
Favorite Snack
Mother’s seasoned and toasted pecans
Favorite Movie
Forrest Gump (have they made others?)
Favorite TV Show
Andy Griffith Show (again, have they made others?)
Favorite Vacation Spot
New York City, NY
Favorite Sport(s)
Favorite Sports Team(s)
The University of Alabama Crimson Tide, Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Braves
Favorite Animal
Favorite  Color
Royal Blue
Favorite Store
Any Bookstore
Favorite Cologne/Perfume
Obsession for Men
Favorite Season
Winter (would rather be cold than hot)
Pet Peeves
Bad drivers and people who pronounce the “t” in “often”
Watching and umpiring baseball, anything to do with The Andy Griffith Show, playing golf (although I never do)
Most Embarrassing Moment In The Ministry
Screaming like a girl when I got shocked by the microphone while holding the bass guitar in that little church in Leoma, TN
Most Memorable Southern Gospel Moment
When Jake Hess stopped me while I was running by the stage at NQC, just to ask how I was doing and how mother was doing
Person You Admire The Most
My brother, Neal

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