Tonya Harrelson

Tonya Harrelson

Tonya grew up in Grayson, Louisiana, with 2 brothers and 1 sister.  Her dad pastored a church in Columbia, LA, for several years and now pastors in Olla, LA.  She has been singing most of her life but says “just not where anyone could hear me, except for God and He loves me, so He listens.”

Tonya also has been given the special talent of song writing.  She co-wrote the title song (with Mark Jones) on the latest project of Chosen Witness, “Back To The Cross”.  She and Mark also co-wrote and both sing on the song, “A Grace That Knows No Bounds”.  Tonya and Johnny teamed up together on the song, “The Storm”.

Tonya sings soprano and has sung with both Chosen Witness and a little “infamous” group called the “Cornerstone Hee Haw Quartet”.

Tell us your . . .
Birthday and Birthplace
April 17 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Favorite Singer(s)
There are so many wonderful and inspiring singers to choose from, it depends on the mood I am in, or what I need at the moment
Favorite Group(s)
Depends on the mood I am in
Favorite Musician(s)
There are so many
Favorite Song To Sing
Depends on the mood I am in
Favorite Scripture
Psalm 139 – because it tells me that no matter where I am God is always right there with me and I love knowing that
Favorite Book of the Bible
I wouldn’t say it was my favorite, but the book of Nehemiah is a wonderful book on leadership
Favorite Person In The Bible
Don’t really have a favorite, however, the story of Rahab is an incredible story of courage
Favorite Restaurant
Olive Garden, Melting Pot
Favorite Food
My Dad’s Potato Salad and my Mom’s Gumbo; a really good Salad
Favorite Snack
Cookies, Doughnuts, Potato Chips, Cheese, Crackers, Fruit
Favorite Movie
Don’t have a favorite, I only watch one occasionally, would rather be doing something else
Favorite TV Show
Don’t watch TV much
Favorite Vacation Spot
Mountains, Beach, State Park, Anywhere quiet and secluded, Would love to visit Australia at least once
Favorite Sport(s)
Not much into sports, but I do enjoy bowling with my friends
Favorite Sports Team(s)
I do occasionally pull for LSU just to aggravate Neal
Favorite Animal
Tiger (ggrrr) and Ladybugs
Favorite  Color
Yellow and Red
Favorite Store
My family says the Thrift Store
Favorite Cologne/Perfume
I don’t wear perfume
Favorite Season
Spring and Fall
Pet Peeves
Don’t get me started!
Cooking, Gardening, Photography, Reading, Traveling, Singing, Writing, Riding the motorcycle, Entertaining Friends, and Sitting in front of a fire in the fireplace
Most Embarrassing Moment In The Ministry
I haven’t had one yet, but am sure I will
Most Memorable Southern Gospel Moment
When George Younce hugged me at NQC in the Solid Gospel Booth after the round table discussion and whispered in my ear with his deep voice “hello darling”
Person You Admire The Most
My Parents and Grandparents – their faith has always inspired and encouraged me to keep going no matter what is going on in my life;  My sister, Kim, and my sister-in-law, Kathy

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