Neal Champion

Neal Champion

Original Member.

Neal began singing and playing the guitar at an early age.  His father, Joe C. Champion, Jr. was a singer and always encouraged Neal to sing as well.  Encouraged is the key word here as Neal’s father never pushed him into music.  With this encouragement, Neal developed a love for singing and playing music.  He jumped at the chance to join his first Southern Gospel Quartet, The Columbian Quartet, in 1977 when he was 14, playing the bass guitar for the group.  Neal’s Dad sang baritone for the group, fellow Chosen Witness member Mark Jones played the drums and later the piano and Neal’s brother, Chris Champion, played the drums.

In 1980, Neal’s dad formed The Bama Boys so that both Neal and Chris could sing in a quartet. Mark was also the piano player for The Bama Boys for a few years.  They traveled all over Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennesee from 1980 until about 1994 or so.

Around 1987, Neal, after finishing college, thought it was time to start looking at the girls and think about settling down.  He had known of Loretta for several years, because she was Mark’s cousin and would come to singings with Mark.  He and Loretta started dating, got engaged and got married in 1988.  They lived in Hoover, AL and started attending church at Central Free Will Baptist in Helena, AL (later to be named Cornerstone Church).

Neal and Loretta became very active in their home church serving in the areas of music and youth. As time passed, singing became less and less and the work of the home church became more and more.  The Bama Boys retired around 1994 and singing was put on the back burner for the Champions.  But deep in their hearts, they knew singing was their passion and where God wanted them to serve.

In 1996, God provided the opportunity for Neal and Loretta to be back on the road singing.  Mark Jones had written a song and wanted a group of guys to sing and record the song.  As a result, Chosen Witness was formed and they have been back on the road sharing the Gospel through song.

Neal started singing and playing bass guitar for Chosen Witness for the first few years.  When Chosen Witness started using tracks to sing by, Neal stopped playing the bass guitar.  He is very happy to be back on the road singing and ministering through song.

Neal and wife, Loretta Champion, live in Alabaster, Alabama.  He sings Lead and does the bookings for Chosen Witness.

Tell us your . . .
Birthday and Birthplace
January 27 in Columbus, MS (the nearest hospital to my parents home town of Millport, AL
Favorite Singer(s)
Overall: Joe C. Champion, Jr.
Gospel: Glen Payne, Jake Hess, Jonathan Sawrie
Other: George Jones, Merle Haggard, Tom T. Hall
Favorite Group(s)
Past:  The Cathedrals
Present:  The Perrys
Favorite Musician(s)
Randy Shelnut
Favorite Song To Sing
“Turn Around”
Favorite Scripture
Romans 12:1
Favorite Book of the Bible
Favorite Person In The Bible
Favorite Restaurant
Top O The River
Favorite Food
Fried Catfish
Favorite Snack
Roasted Peanuts
Favorite Movie
Favorite TV Show
The Beverly Hillbillies
Favorite Vacation Spot
Gatlinburg, TN
Favorite Sport(s)
Favorite Sports Team(s)
The University of Alabama Crimson Tide
Favorite Animal
Favorite  Color
Favorite Store
Favorite Cologne/Perfume
Favorite Season
Pet Peeves
Punctuality (or the lack thereof – this applies to myself and others)
Computers, Audio Recording, Woodworking
Most Embarrassing Moment In The Ministry
Being ready to sing in front of a crowd and the tracks won’t start . . .silience . . .you’re just standing there . . .
Most Memorable Southern Gospel Moment
When Glen Payne phoned into the stage of the NQC and sang “I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone” from his hospital room
Person You Admire The Most
My High School Football Coach Howard Byars

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