Randall Southerland

Randall Southerland

Member since August 2014.

Born the youngest of six brothers, early on in life, Randall’s singing choices were literally made for him. The oldest three were all bass singers, following in their Father’s footsteps, but it was determined that the younger three would not be and so began his singing life – tenor for the three brother’s trio, The Revelations. Times change and so do voices, Randall found himself with no option but to turn bass singer or, at very best, a low baritone.

Randall joined the Eddy Independent Missionary Baptist Church as a young teenager where his Mother was a charter member. He still attends the same church today with his wife, Bonnie, and their three youngest children. Those four are his biggest supporters. If you come out to see this group in concert, you will more than likely find all four of them in the audience. It is just what they do.

His musical career consists of the early trio, playing the bass guitar for The Galileans from Arab, AL and The Followers Quartet from Sardis, AL for a few years and other short-term singing gigs. Coincidentally, both named quartets, at one time or another, had a bass singer named Southerland; one Fred, the other Joe. Randall, Fred, Arthur – another of the brothers, and Kellie, a niece sang together for a couple of years until distance and health conditions would not allow them to continue. Randall remains active in the music programs at Eddy Church but before this commitment, had been “off the road” for a couple of years.

Randall is retired from the U. S. Army after serving more than 36 years. A few of his main goals in life include: 1) Being a better Soldier for God’s army than he was a Soldier for the United States Army; 2) Being the best Father he can possibly be for his children, and 3) Being such a man of God that he would never bring reproach to anyone in his circle of influence.

Randall and his family are looking forward to this new journey in their service to God and invite one and all to come and worship with us at any opportunity you may have.

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