Back To The Cross

Back To The Cross
Tonya Harrelson and Mark D. Jones © 2008 Mark Jones Music/BMI
Verse 1 If I fly on the wings of the morning Or I dwell in the depths of the sea Even when I walk into trouble He's always there to guide me The only path that matters is the one I am on Even though it may seem dim and dross I've taken a thousand different paths But I keep coming back to the cross Chorus Back to the cross where my new life began I've been so far as ever I could see with no end Then there were the same familiar sights Where all sin is lost Because no matter which way I go from here All paths lead to the cross Verse 2 He went around doing good Many people He helped on His way While some found miracles in their life Others had bad things to say His life led Him freely to the cross Where He---He conquered sin Jesus died on Calvary And that's where my new life began

Makes Everything Alright
Mark D. Jones © 2008 Mark Jones Music/BMI
Verse 1 When I get the blues I talk to Jesus 'Cause I know the He will (He will) He will hear my plea When I get so down I say the name Jesus 'Cause the Holy Spirit will be sent to comfort me Chorus Now when I begin to open my mouth The name of Jesus just comes out I just start to praise Him And all at once I want to shout (pum pum pum pum pum) I know God's Word will do the body good And restore a smile so bright And it's the precious blood of Jesus That makes everything alright Verse 2 One day very soon I'll talk to Jesus I'll admire the beauty of Heaven's wondrous sight I will hear Him say welcome home my child And I know that's what—what makes everything alright

I Can't Walk Alone
Loredus Napper, Johnny & Carol Duren, and Loretta Champion © 2006 Letsing His Songs Publishing/BMI
Verse 1 You're ushering in another day Untouched and freshly new So here I came to ask you, God, If you'll renew me too But Father, I am well aware I can't make it on my own So take my hand & hold it tight for I can't walk alone Chorus I can't walk alone, I must have you near me I can't find my way, it's so dark and dreary Please light my way, Lord, Show me the way home And stay right beside me, I can't walk alone Verse 2 Forgive the many errors God That I made yesterday Let me try again Dear Lord To walk closer in Thy way Dry the tears from my eyes And lead me to the throne Take my hand and hold it tight For I can't walk alone

Too Blessed To Be Depressed
Johnny Duren © 2004 Letsing His Songs Publishing/BMI
Verse 1 My car broke down on the way to town I have bills that are overdue I got dog bit, and my lawn mower quit There's a hole in my left shoe When things go wrong all day long I'll tell you what I do I grab my frown and turn it upside down And let God's love shine through Chorus 'Cause I'm too blessed to be depressed The Lord has been so good to me He's given me His best And I won't let old Satan take away my happiness 'Cause I'm much too blessed to ever be depressed Verse 2 When life is rough and somewhat tough And you feel so all alone And everyday is a rainy day And you think you can't go on The sun starts shining and you're still whining You should be ashamed This is the day the Lord has made Let's praise His holy name

The Storm
Tonya Harrelson and Johnny Duren © 2008 Letsing His Songs Publishing/BMI
Verse 1 I woke to the sound of the wind Blowing on the window pane Listened to the rain falling down, The thunder was so loud My troubled mind filled with thoughts Of the day to come Then again the question came, How can I go through the pain Chorus Then I heard Jesus say to me I created the storm you see And I made the rain to fall so trust Me through it all My voice can be as loud as thunder But if you ever wonder in the midst of your storm It's still the quiet voice you hear so small Verse 2 A storm can only sink a ship if the Master's not on board God can work in gentle drizzles or in a mighty storm My healing comes with tears That fall like the pouring rain Through His Word the answer came That's how I can go on through the pain

Mark D. Jones and Johnny Duren © 2008 Mark Jones Music/BMI
Chorus Things go up and things come down Sometimes they move all around But there's just one thing that I know I'm Heaven Bound Verse 1 Standing in the middle of the forest You cannot see the way that takes you home Everything you need is just beyond you Yet close enough to make it to the throne Verse 2 Standing in the middle of a hillside Teaching many parables that day Jesus showed His love to everyone around Him Making sure that none were turned away Verse 3 Standing in the middle of life's valley Looking up the mountains seem so tall It never is too late to seek the Father He knows the mountains, He knows the valleys, He made us all

I Just Want To Be A Blessing
Mark D. Jones © 2008 Mark Jones Music/BMI
Verse 1 You may have cried unto the Lord "I have a problem now There is a wall that needs to fall, I want it to come down" But no matter what you may do Or whatever you may say Can make your wall tumble down except To look at him and say Chorus I just want to be a blessing for you Lord I want to thank you for the gentle strength I find in The Word I want to tell someone of the love That held Christ on that tree I want them to see the blessing of You in me I want someone to see that love, in me Verse 2 Sometimes we think our walls are really much too wide We look to see how tall they are Then hold them deep inside With Christ's blood the price was paid Now there is no wall you see that can stop God's blessing from pouring on you and me

Feelin' A Heelin'
Johnny Duren © 2008 Letsing His Songs Publishing/BMI
Verse 1 God said ask and ye shall receive I've spent a lot of time down on my knees My body was in so much pain and misery But now I'm feelin' a healin' comin' over me Chorus I'm feelin' a healin' comin' over me Makes me want to sing and shout the victory I'm about as happy as anyone can be 'Cause I'm feelin' a healin' comin' over me Verse 2 I've been down and sick so long Old Satan tried to take away my song But I kept on believing and praying every day Now my pain has all gone away

Turn Around
Joe C. Champion, Jr. © 1981/BMI
Verse1 There's a song that we all love oh it's music from above And that song is the old “Amazing Grace” It's music to my ear every time that I hear Those words that say a wretch like me was saved Chorus The day I turned around and met the Master I was delivered from my wrong and sinful ways He saved my soul with loving grace He put a smile on my face And I'll praise Him all the rest of my days Verse2 If when you hear that old song Oh how you'd like to sing along But somehow you just can't seem to let go The reason more than likely is That you can't call yourself His And deep within your heart you know Chorus 2 That you need to turn around and meet the Master Turn away from your wrong and sinful ways He'll save your soul with loving grace He'll put a smile on your face And you can praise Him all the rest of your days Tag: Now He's knocking at the door like so many times before I love that old song “Amazing Grace”

In The Name Of The Lord
Mark D. Jones © 1999 Mark Jones Music/BMI
Verse 1 Well I once was a blind man in deep distress And was a sinner too But God reached down a hand for me And He will do the same for you Chorus In the name of the Lord In the name of the Lord I will walk, and talk, and shout, and sing and pray In the name of the Lord Verse 2 Well I now have Jesus in my heart And He goes with me each day I talk to the Father in Jesus' name And He hears me when I pray

It's No Show
Johnny Duren © 1998 Letsing His Songs Publishing/BMI
Verse 1 We've been going through the show Trying to put our songs together In such a way that you will know The message that we bring will live forever How Jesus died upon the cross To save every soul that's lost We're of His chosen few You'll know He bled and died for you When the show is through but it's no show Chorus It's no show . . .we do it all for Jesus It's no show . . . nothing more would please us Than to see folks get down on their knees At this altar begging please Lord I need forgiveness We just want you to feel The Lord we sing about is real Its . . .no . . .show Verse 2 As we come and speak to you In Psalms, hymns, and songs of the spirit We sing and make music in
Our hearts to the Lord, can't you feel it In the name of Christ we come bringing hope to everyone It's what He says we must do You'll know He bled and died for you When the show is through but it's no show

Not Far Away
Mark D. Jones © 2008 Mark Jones Music/BMI
Verse 1 Everyday decisions are clouded with our strife We try to fix the problems in everyone else's life But there is one decision you will finally have to face Whether you accept Jesus Christ as Savior By His saving grace Chorus Not far away the time is coming soon One will never know whether night or noon He will be back so you'd better pray The time is almost now not far away Verse 2 Two standing on the creek bank One at the water's edge Now he's here then he's not did he fall over the ledge Two might be at the workplace waiting for their pay Unaware the time had come for Jesus to return that day Verse 3 Don't you worry brother what the Bible says is true Two will be in the fields and one of them may be you God's Word is self-fulfilling all around for you to see So where one is taken and the other left Which one will you be

A Grace That Knows No Bounds
Tonya Harrelson and Mark D. Jones © 2008 Mark Jones Music/BMI
Verse 1 So many times I cried help me Lord I've tried To do what is right and true draw me close to You What a mess I've made in this life You gave Is there grace to cover my mistakes Chorus That's why He decided to die He would not come down He wore my crown He covered me with grace when He took my place A grace that knows no bounds Verse 2 Since then I have learned to give Him my concerns To turn to Him and seek to lay them at His feet To cover all my labors with His unmerited favors Then He will forgive me

The Greatest Gift
Mark D. Jones © 2001 Mark Jones Music/BMI
Verse1 It’s Christmas time again outside it’s getting cold But deep within our hearts we’re all wishing it would snow We run around to find the gifts we will buy But the greatest gift of all is right before our eyes Chorus The greatest gift was once lying in a manger The stars up above they all knew Wise men came and brought Him their treasures But no gift was greater, ‘tis true Than the gift that He gave me and you Verse2 This one would be different oh how it seemed strange Even the donkey knew this load was not the same He would carry it with care as gentle as could be For this gift that He would carry would last all eternity

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