From The Word

Your Little Basket
Johnny Duren © 2002 Letsing His Songs Publishing / BMI John 6:8-13
Verse 1 One morning at our table the family discussion Centered ‘round a man who would come Through our town as He traveled around Teaching and they say healing some Some say He’s the King of Jews, Others say He brings good new Still others claim He’s someone else With a boy’s curiosity And the basket Mama gave me I went to see for myself Chorus Mama, your little basket of fishes and bread Fed a crowd of more than five thousand When the man blessed it the increase was so great The story has spread throughout the land He said miracles much greater than these we’d do If we have faith enough to ask it You’ll never know ‘til it’s touched by the Master The power in your little basket Verse 2 Since that day I’ve followed The teachings of the Savior Who said He’d like to be my friend He’s a friend indeed who knows all my needs And He will stay with me to the end He pulled me from the miry clay, He washed all my sins away I’ve even seen Him raise the dead But the best thing He gave me, He reached down and saved me On that first day when I said.

When I Get Home
Mark D. Jones © 2004 Mark Jones Music / BMI Revelation 19:1-7
Verse 1 Oh there’ll be joy all around that’s filling the air Great happiness, yes, there will be There’ll be laughter and singing And choruses ringing And so much more, yes, more to see Chorus I’m going to sing and shout The precious names of Jesus I’m going to sing and shout all over Heaven Where all heartaches will be o’er And no more trials evermore Eternal life because His Precious blood was given I will sing a brand new song Sweet melody around God’s throne What a wonderful time, Oh what harmony and rhyme When I get home, when I get home Verse 2 Oh in the Sweet Beulah Land God said My Son will be there When they ring those golden bells for me In the Sweet By and By I’ll Fly Away through the sky I’ll see The Lion, the Lamb, And I’ll see the King Verse 3 Where there will be Just One Hope I will see God’s Boundless Love Yes Where the Light Comes From the SON And where The Lighthouse can’t sway When I get Carried Away In The Holy Hills we’ll find The Holy One

But By The Blood
Mark D. Jones © 2004 Mark Jones Music / BMI 1 John 1:7
Verse 1 Lonely and rejected a world couldn’t know The sins of mankind wounded so low With a Heavenly assurance the Earth trembled all around As life left His body, His blood flowed to the ground Chorus There’s no way to come to Him There’s no way to conquer sin There’s no way that mortal man ever could But by His precious blood that day Our sins can all be washed away There’s no way to come to Him But by the blood Verse 2 The blood of atonement the blood of a Lamb The blood of a Son the seed of Abraham From the love of a Father through the love of a Son Came life everlasting by the blood of the Holy One

When The Waters Part
Johnny Duren © 2002 Letsing His Songs Publishing /BMI Exodus 14:21-31
Verse 1 You ask the Lord to help you find a way Through your burdens and your trials each day When the answer comes then you must show You have the faith to make that mountain go Chorus Don’t stand around thinking ‘bout how tall that wall of water is Or if that sea bottom’s really dry Don’t spend your time wondering where Pharoah’s army is Or how far it is to the other side When the Lord shows you the way then you must show you have the faith Don’t just stand around talking When the waters part, start walking Verse 2 If confusion faces you each day That’s the devil trying to have his way Just pray for the Lord to open doors Then step through for things He has in store Bridge When the door opens then you must go through God has a reason to open it for you

Living Sacrifice
Neal R. Champion © 1988 / BMI Romans 12:1
Verse 1 Have you ever stopped and thought What Christ’s blood has bought Eternal life in the home land of the soul He’s given us so much today More than we could ever repay We’re forever indebted to that crimson flow Chorus Present your bodies a living sacrifice Holy and acceptable unto God He gave for you and me the greatest sacrifice With His mercy and the shedding of Christ’s blood Verse 2 Friend please just do what’s right And sacrifice your life The Bible says that’s what we should do Just open up God’s book And take a closer look Romans 12 verse 1 is there for us to use

The Things We’ll Do Without
Johnny Duren © 2003 Letsing His Songs Publishing / BMI Revelation 21:4
Verse 1 No hurt, no pain, no harm can touch me there No wait, no hurry, no burdens will I bear No sickness, no sadness, no sorrow in that place Love and kindness evermore, With my Savior’s grace Chorus We will shout about the things we’ll do without There’ll be no uncertainty, There’ll be no more doubt Eternity will be just happiness throughout We will shout about the things we’ll do without Verse 2 No war, no hate, envy nor jealousy No anger, no fighting, no work and no worry No hot, no cold, no discomfort over there All beauty and loveliness And peace beyond compare Bridge You may have your struggles and your confrontations here But Heaven has no danger no discouragement nor fear

In That Land
Mark D. Jones © 2004 Mark Jones Music / BMI Genesis 26:12
Verse 1 Joining our friends in Heaven we’ll be Praising our Father for eternity Together with the saints who have gone before Raising our voices with hands held high Singing His praises with no goodbyes Forever we’ll shout, forever we’ll sing, forevermore Chorus In that land of no tomorrows In that land of no more sorrows A land where darkness cannot ever take a stand And one of these days and it won’t be long We will join the saints in song Together we’ll see, forever we’ll be, in that land Verse 2 When we get to the glorious place Made possible by God’s grace Maybe I’ll run along those streets of gold Singing and shouting along the way Smiling and praising the Lord that day Together we’ll shout, together we’ll sing Together evermore

Come Ye After Me
Mark D. Jones © 2004 Mark Jones Music / BM Matthew 5:3-11; Mark 1:17
Verse Blessed are the poor in spirit Jesus said His kingdom would be theirs Blessed are the mournful And blessed are the meek For the meek shall inherit the Earth Blessed are they that hunger After righteousness for they shall be filled Blessed are the makers of the peace in the world Blessed are they that do the Father’s will Chorus Come ye after Me said the Master Come ye after Me Jesus cried Come ye after Me I’ll make you fisher of men What you confess of Me I’ll not deny Come now unto Me ye broken hearted Come and lay your burdens at My feet Come now unto Me ye heavy laden Come now and follow Me

There’s A Reason
Joe C. Champion, Jr. © 1993 / BMI John 3:16;Acts 2:22-36
Verse 1 God laid out the plan He sent Jesus as a man Down to earth to tell the world about His love When His work on earth was done God said “Come to me my Son” And He ascended into Heaven up above Chorus There’s a reason (there’s a reason) This was done (this was done) Why God sent down (why God sent down) His only Son (His only Son) If you believe (if you believe) That this is true (that this is true) You’ll have a home (you’ll have a home) In heaven too Verse 2 The Word has always shown That God’s amazing plan was known To Jesus, and He gladly did His part To tell the world about God’s love And then He joined Him in heaven above And you can go there if you have Him in your heart.

Anytime Is The Right Time
Neal R. Champion © 1988 / BMI Isaiah 55:6; 2 Corinthians 6:2
Verse 1 If you are one of these people Who say “now is just not the time” To ask our Lord and Savior To come in and take hold of your life Let your heart be open please don’t shut him out You see there’s just no wrong time When it’s Jesus we’re talking about Chorus Any time is the right time to ask for His saving grace Invite Him now into your heart He’s right here in this place So please make the right decision Make Jesus the Lord of your life You’ll make the devil mad and we’ll be glad You’ll have eternal life Verse 2 You see it’s really very simple it’s not that hard to do Just surrender your life to Jesus He will always be there for you If you’re thinking “well maybe next time” I want you to realize This could be the last chance you’ll ever have To make Jesus the Lord of your life

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