Mountain of Trust

A Brand New Life
Mark D. Jones © 2014
Verse 1 When I was young and in my childhood and I knew not what to do I was taught about a man named Jesus and that he'd always see me through Chorus A brand new life is just beginning a brand new body is just ahead No more heartaches or disappointments a brand new start for me instead No more worries for this weary traveler no more suffering at Satan's delight I know that soon that day will be coming to a land that never know the night A brand new home a brand new life Verse 2 My Heavenly Father I know loves me and He wants the best for me He's offered me eternal life in Glory He paid the debt the price is free Verse 3 I've made mistakes on my pathway trouble seems to find me everywhere The face of death has no hold on me for I know what's waiting there

My Hiding Place
Raymond Rivers & Mark D. Jones © 2000
Verse 1 Lord I come to you in this darkened hour I am tired and worn I have no power When my day is weary, one I cannot face I come to You, O Lord, You are my hiding place Chorus My Hiding Place, my Hiding Place with storms around me I'm in Your embrace You are there for me with love and grace I praise You, Lord for You are my Hiding Place Verse 2 Jesus be near me, I need You again in this storm I face, please hold my hand Help me Lord Jesus to run this race please be with me, my precious Hiding Place Tag You are there for me with love and grace I praise You, Lord, for You are my Hiding Place Jesus is my Hiding Place

Mountain of Trust
Mark D. Jones © 2014
Verse 1 For forty years they wandered in the wilderness back then Sin had blocked the vision each one had felt within A land of milk and honey was very real it seemed This vision was for all of us much more than just a dream Chorus Between life's mountains there is a valley I can find no hope within But between life's valleys there is a mountain And I place my trust in Him Verse 2 For many years we've wandered in our wilderness of sin For some strange Earthly reason we always return again The valleys of our trials become mountains in our way But God can crush our mountains and fill our valleys when we say

Help Me Stand
James, Ed & Russell Easter, and Ronald Thomas
Verse 1 It's so easy Lord to stumble in this world we're living in While old Satan goes to and fro There are many that are falling yes, they're falling every day So help me stand Lord the way You stood long ago Chorus Help me stand by Your grace and look the whole world in the face And sing Your Word wherever I go When the tempter comes around lord, give me strength to turn him down Help me stand Lord the way You stood long ago Verse 2 All through the Bible You had disciples that were able Lord to stand Though sometimes their spirits seemed low There were many that were slain because they took forth Your name So help me stand, Lord the way they stood long ago

Family of God
Mark D. Jones © 1987
Verse 1 One day when I was walking a path I'd walked before I said a little prayer to help me though once more I smiled a little smile to brighten up my day And then God chased my frown away Chorus I'm a part of the Family of God I'll be called out with the Christians who have trod I will rejoice and be happy all along the way I want to tell of Jesus and always think to pray I will tell old Satan “Get out of my way” And never will I stray I will tell the story of my sweet Jesus Until the judgement day Verse 2 Sometimes in the morning your day goes all wrong And you begin to wonder where is that happy song Just then you get discouraged and don't know what to do But listen to what I'm telling you

I Want to Walk Just as Close as I Can
Albert E. Brumley
Verse 1 For the truth and the right precious Lord have I stood Have these hands done as much as they really could Have these knees bowed down as oft as they should I want to walk as close as I possibly can Chorus Lord I want to walk just as close as I can And do my best for my fellow man And if I fail let me feel just one touch of Thy hand I want to walk as close as I possibly can Verse 2 Guide my feet precious Lord when I'm tempted and tried In Thy sheltering fold let me safely hide For one little step is too far from Thy side I want to walk as close as I possibly can

God Holds the Perfect Plan
Mark D. Jones, Neal Champion, Loretta Champion and Scott Bouldin © 2014
Verse 1 Go Joshua march around the wall of Jericho Seven times the Lord did say Joshua knew just what he had to do So he kept his faith and prayed Then on the seventh time around the wall Those ole rocks they began to fall The devil he ran out and Joshua gave a shout We're ready Lord there is no doubt Verse 2 Now Jonah did not obey God's Holy Word He went the other way The waves grew high and he was tossed aside In the belly of the fish he would stay But then at last he began to pray Pray he did and it lasted for three days Then God heard his plea and answered his need And Jonah he was set free Chorus Watch out, Christians, obey the Lord's command Praise Him while you're resting in His hand When He calls, give your all make the choice to follow For your life He holds the perfect plan Verse 3 Now when the Lord calls you out To spread His Holy Word Don't you turn your head Be like Joshua a warrior for the Lord And listen to what God says As Jonah found out, you had better watch out And stay on the straight and narrow way Obey while you can, take hold of God's hand He'll lead you through His perfect plan Tag Now let (won't you let) His voice be heard (His voice be heard) Just obey (won't you obey) God's Holy Word (His Holy Word) Be like Joshua, obey the Lord's command God holds the perfect plan

Welcome Home
Mark D. Jones © 1998
Verse 1 In a room somewhere on a table Lies a book that never has been read Only the Author knows the names there enclosed Names of some living and some dead No dust will ever fall on its cover It will never be touched by human hands The one who wrote therein will judge us of our sin And the saved will hear Him proclaim to man Chorus Welcome You have overcome welcome a victory you have won While others stayed the same You proclaimed in Jesus' name Eternal life is what you've won welcome home My Son Verse 3 Suddenly a silence beheld the throne room The time had come to open up the book The angels all stood at attention Then bowed their heads as the Lamb began to look A name was called as Jesus turned the pages He searched the book of life for the name Then suddenly He stopped He found the answer All of Heaven began to shout as God proclaimed

Lord I Want to Love You More
Neal & Loretta Champion and Scott Bouldin © 2014
Chorus Lord I want to know You more love You more, serve You more My heart's an open door Lord I want to love You more Verse 1 I want to know You like no other hide Your Word in my heart Daily strive to grow in wisdom from Your Word never depart Verse 2 I want to love You like no other with my heart, soul, strength, and mind Grow in me a love that's faithful no greater love may I find Verse 3 I want to serve You like no other with joy I'll serve as You lead Use me, Lord, to reach Your children I'll be Your hands and Your feet

This is Just What Heaven Means to Me
Jimmy Davis
Chorus What will it be when we get over yonder And join the throng around the crystal sea To join our loved one's and crown Christ forever This is just what Heaven means to me Verse 1 A country where no twilight shadows deepen Unending day where night will never be A city where no storms clouds ever gather This is just what Heaven means to me Verse 2 And when at last we see the face of Jesus Before whose image all other loves have to flee And when they crown Him Lord of All I'm going to be there This is just what Heaven means to me

I Will Do the Work of the Lord
Mark D. Jones © 2000
Verse 1 Well the time has come for waiting no longer and work without delay That hearts will hear the voice of the Father and move them, this I pray Chorus I will ------ (I Will Do the work of the Lord) I will ------ (I Will Spread His Holy Word) I will go and tell it throughout the world I will do the work of the Lord Verse 2 Now the laborers are few and the harvest is plenty and it's time to get on board We must all work today like there is no tomorrow bringing souls unto the Lord

Safely in Your Grace
Mark D. Jones © 1987
Verse 1 There's a place where I can go one more day one more time Now I pray dear Lord peace be with me not my will Lord but Thine The flowers bloom there every morning one more day one more time The living water flows ever gently not my will Lord, but Thine Chorus Now when we walk into the darkness please Lord be our guide And we we stumble in Thy presence be always at our side For the path is very narrow and Heaven there awaits Please Lord always lead us safely in Your grace Verse 2 May grace be with us every day we must love You more see us through May Your words be peace of mind help us daily Lord to love You Give us strength Lord to walk the pathway we must love You more see us through Always guide us with Your Spirit help us daily Lord to love You

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