My Son

Written by:  Mark Jones
Copyright:  1996

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, lived a prince……

Oh, Oh, you wanted to hear about ‘MY SON’. Well, it’s almost a fairy-tale in itself. The year was 1996 and the month was February. It had been about 7 years since I had played with a quartet or even attempted to write a song. During that time, Pam and I had had a carpet store to burn in Fayette, and things were just overall not good. Depression typically follows things like that. Now that you’re up to speed on the history, let me tell you about something that changed my life.

One morning, on a Thursday I believe, I was headed to Fayette to get Pam’s check, which I did every two weeks on Thursday, to carry to the bank. My mind was on everything but writing a song. However, this particular morning, I felt pretty good and for some reason had a merry heart.

For some reason my mind drifted to just how God had really blessed me and how I had forgotten that. Then, it drifted to the crucifixion and how awful God must have felt when they were hurting His son. I began to think, does God really get angry? Well, the Bible says He does. It speaks many places about God’s wrath. And, although God shall wipe all the tears from our eyes in Heaven, it doesn’t say anything about that God can’t cry.

So I began to wonder how He might have been feeling at that exact moment in time, and I began to remember the Bible speaking of the darkness that overcame the Earth, obviously sent by God and how He had to let them do it. Then came the earthquake, as if the noise was God screaming at them for what they had done……he seemed to say……..


The song was written within about 1 hour, the entire song. I was so excited I began to call the ones together I had sung with in the past to let them hear a little of it on the phone. They seemed as excited as me. We all decided to get together and put it on tape so I could get someone to sing it.

Soon, we decided to get together and do a small concert to let others hear it. It got a standing ovation, even from an older group that we all respected very much, the Bryant Brothers from Lamar County, Alabama. When we looked out in the audience and saw those guys standing and clapping with a great big smile, we knew they had heard or felt something special…..boy was it ever special!!

Mark Jones

My Son” was recorded on the Project entitled “Chosen Witness

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