Turn It Over

Written by:  Neal Champion
Copyright:  1987

Many times during my childhood I remember my mother saying “just turn it over to Jesus, son, and He’ll take care of it”. No matter what I was facing. No matter how big it seemed to me or how trivial it was she would share those same words with me.

When I finished college and took a job in Birmingham, AL, during the first couple of months of my new job I had to do something I had never done before. I had to get on an airplane and fly. Just the thought of that made me very, very nervous. I did get up the courage to make the arrangements and step onto that plane.

Being a country boy that grew up in Millport, AL, flying was something I never dreamed I would do. My mothers words came to my mind “just turn it over to Jesus son and he’ll take care of it”. I did just that and my nerves began to cool down. As we leveled out I just sat there looking out the window at the beautiful scenery and thought “yes mom, He did”.

On the return flight for that trip I was still thinking about mothers words and I got out a pencil and paper and wrote down the words to the song “Turn It Over”. It’s truly a song that came from personal experience and testimony.

Neal Champion

Turn It Over” was recorded on the Project entitled “Take Enough Time

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