Transporting a Pit Crew?

March, 2009

We left on Saturday going to a concert in Crawford, MS. Greg, Tonya, Loretta and I left together and stopped and picked up Mark and his girls on the way through. It was like any other weekend. Lot’s of conversation going on mixed in with some snoring and a bunch of laughter.

After we got into Mississippi we came up to a stop sign and heard an odd sound. Greg said “I believe we’ve got a flat” to which I replied “nah, I think it’s the brakes making the noise. We drove on down the road less than a quarter of a mile and I noticed the van pulling sharply to the right and sitting down on the right also. Guess what? We had a flat.

I was already a little nervous because I had underestimated the time a bit and we were running short on time to arrive. I thought, “this is just what we need”. “Now we are really going to be late”. Little did I know that I was transporting a NASCAR pit crew!!!

Greg popped out of the van and had the back door open before my feet hit the ground. Mark rolled out and immediately began lowering the spare tire mounted underneath the rear of the van. I pulled the jack out from under the hood and Greg immediately took it from me. Before I knew what happened the van was jacked up, the tire was changed and Mark wanted to know what to do with the jack handle.

I think they must have had some Divine help because we were back on the road in less than 10 minutes!!

We had a wonderful service and concert that night. I’ll always remember the night the pit crew popped out
of the van!! 🙂


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